Anti-Bullying/Bullying Prevention Resources 
Tools and resources for educators, parents, and students focused on preventing bullying and creating a more caring and respectful community within the classroom and outside of it. Other resources are available specifically to work with special needs participants and are also available for parents in Spanish. 
The National Association of School Psychologist’s website has many resources centered on the topic of bullying prevention, including articles and research papers intended for families and educators and educators. has lots of resources including fact sheets, research articles, toolkits and training materials. 
PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center’s website offers more bullying information and facts, toolkits for educators, information handouts, and links to other resources and sites that promote bullying prevention. 
This website is designed specifically for kids and encourages them to understand bullying by asking questions such as ‘what is bullying’ and ‘are you a bully?’ as well as giving them information on ways to take action when they experience or witness bullying among their peers.  The website also offers a platform for children to post their own testimonials about bullying situations they experienced or someone close to them experienced.

Edutopia has resources such as websites, links to organizations, articles, planning guides, lesson plans and much more to help educators fight bullying and harassment at school. The site also offers resources for parents as well as links to topics focused on preventing bullying and increasing inclusion and acceptance of diversity among children and youth. 
The National Education Association (NEA) has many resources to help teachers, youth workers, parents and other adults in regards to recognizing and stopping bullying, as well as toolkits to help educators and those working within education systems (including paraprofessionals and bus drivers) to build positive policies and practices that will prevent bullying and aid teachers in helping students become their own advocates. 
This site,, has a lot of resources aimed at helping children and youth prevent and avoid bullying on their own; this includes lessons and checklists for teachers and other educators to do character based lessons with students and help them build on important Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. 
Kid Power is a site that is dedicated to building skills in children and youth and their parents that will see them through bullying situations and having the power to stop bullying. 
Stomp out Bullying is recognized as an influential anti-bullying organization in the United States. Their website provides information about bullying and cyberbullying, offers a ‘help chat line,’ and educators’ page and a parents’ page, They do, however, offer partnerships with programs for them to be partners and will provide giveaways and programs to schools and youth serving organization for a sponsorship fee.